Downsizing Your Home

General Greg Weaver 12 Oct

Moving to a larger house is not the only time that things can change with your home and mortgage. Sometimes there comes a point when owning a home becomes a little too much to handle, or maybe you’re an empty-nester and no longer need three extra bedrooms. Whatever the reason, downsizing is a great option […]

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Your Credit Rating: The Four C’s

General Greg Weaver 30 Sep

Buying your first home is an incredible step in life, but it is not without its hurdles! One of which is demonstrating that you are creditworthy, which all comes down to your credit rating. This is how lenders and credit agencies determine the interest rate you pay, or whether you will qualify for a mortgage […]

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Title insurance and Home Insurance: Do Homeowners Need Both?

General Greg Weaver 23 Sep

It’s a common question and one that deserves a little context. Buying a home is an incredibly exciting event for any new homeowner, but with ownership of any property comes the need to protect it from a range of risks. These could include losses or damages to the home and fraudulent attempts to steal, transfer […]

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10 Mortgage Mistakes

General Greg Weaver 20 Sep

Whether it is your first house or you’re moving to a new neighborhood, getting approved for a mortgage is exciting! However, even if you have been approved and are simply waiting to close, there are still some things to keep in mind to ensure your efforts are successful. Many homeowners believe that if you have […]

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Bank of Canada Stands Firm

General Greg Weaver 10 Sep

Bank of Canada Responds To Weak Q2 Economy–Holding Policy Steady As we await the quarterly economic forecast in next month’s Monetary Policy Report, the Bank of Canada acknowledged that the Q2 GDP report, released last week, caught them off-guard. In today’s policy statement, the Governing Council of the Bank said, “In Canada, GDP contracted by […]

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The Bank of Canada’s Monetary Policy Report and its Impact on You.

General Greg Weaver 2 Sep

The Bank of Canada (BoC) released its latest Monetary Policy Report (MPR), and the outlook is optimistic. With the economy re-opening, vaccinations on the rise, and supply chains finding relief from the bottleneck they’ve experienced, the future looks promising. What impact does the MPR have on you? What are the implications for mortgages? Let’s take […]

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How to Talk to Your Parents about Reverse Mortgages

General Greg Weaver 1 Sep

Talking about money is one of the last taboos and can make people feel very uncomfortable – a feeling that’s only amplified when it comes to talking about your parents’ money. However, when a conversation’s difficult, that normally means it’s worthwhile having; and getting transparency on your parents’ financial situation can help you help them […]

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What a Piggy Bank Just Won’t Do

General Greg Weaver 26 Aug

You’ve reached a point in life where your job is going well, and you find yourself not only out of debt but with some room for savings. You might start wondering, where should I put this money that will not only be safe for the future but also grow? That’s when you’ll probably start hearing […]

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The Mortgage Financing Process

General Greg Weaver 20 Aug

The number one question for any potential home buyer or someone new to the mortgage process is “what does this process entail?”. The following is a simple outline to give you an idea of the process and help you understand what to expect as you embark on your home buying journey! STEP 1 – BE […]

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Choosing Your Mortgage Agent

General Greg Weaver 18 Aug

There is little doubt that the biggest purchase of your life will be your home. When embarking on your homeownership journey, having the right support and information will make all the difference. Fortunately, a mortgage agent can help! With access to more than 50 lending institutions including big banks, credit unions, and trust companies, mortgage […]

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