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How to Talk to Your Parents about Reverse Mortgages

General Greg Weaver 1 Sep

Talking about money is one of the last taboos and can make people feel very uncomfortable – a feeling that’s only amplified when it comes to talking about your parents’ money. However, when a conversation’s difficult, that normally means it’s worthwhile having; and getting transparency on your parents’ financial situation can help you help them make the best financial decisions for their future.

If you think a reverse mortgage would be beneficial to your parents, we’ve put together some top tips to help you broach the topic with them.


Your parents may feel uncomfortable talking about their finances with you, especially if they have any worries regarding their situation, so be sure to approach any financial talk with sensitivity. Listen to them, show empathy, give them the space to speak, and show your willingness to help them find the solution that works for them.

You might also want to reassure them that you have no expectations regarding inheritance and that you’d rather they live their retirement the way they’ve always wanted.


Conversations around finances mustn’t be rushed so set a date for the conversation when you both have plenty of time. If possible, meet up face to face and give the conversation your full attention – don’t do chores as you talk.


There are several ways of broaching the topic of reverse mortgages with your parents. If you’re comfortable being direct, you could simply ask: “Mom, are your finances ok?”.

If you’d rather be more subtle, you could start the conversation in a more roundabout way. Perhaps you could ask about the house and whether there’s anything they’d like to update, or maybe you ask about their retirement and whether they’re able to do all the things they’d like to.

These conversations can lead naturally into a discussion about monthly income, assets, and savings and provide an opportunity to explore how the reverse mortgage can help them increase their cash flow and boost their standard of living – all while staying in their own home!


While you don’t need to prepare an entire script, it’s a good idea to think about what you’ll say beforehand. Do some research on the CHIP Reverse Mortgage and get a clear idea of how it would benefit your parents. Think about the questions they might have and come up with some answers.

It’s also a good idea to bring resources with you such as a CHIP Reverse Mortgage brochure or our new book Home Run: The Reverse Mortgage Advantage, which takes a deep dive into using reverse mortgages as a strategic retirement tool.


Don’t ask for a reaction or any kind of decision right away. Give your parents time to digest what you’ve spoken about, re-read any information you’ve given them, and think about any questions they have. Don’t expect one chat to accomplish everything, follow up in the next few days with a call.

Talking about finances is difficult at the best of times – even more so when the finances in question are your parents. But hopefully, with the help of these tips, it’s a conversation you’ll now find easier to have.

If you’d like to find out more about how the CHIP Reverse Mortgage can help your parents live retirement their way, contact a DLC Mortgage Professional today!


Written By: Sue Pimento
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